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Wordview Cafe

dinsdag 27 februari 2024

20:00 tot 21:15 uur

Exploring a Big Question from Five Fundamental Perspectives

he Worldview Cafe is fun, engaging, and highly interactive. Meaningful conversations with ‘strangers’ are the norm here. And there is a good chance you leave the space with a felt sense of connection or even kinship! It’s quite special.

These Cafes offer wonderful opportunities to have deep conversations with people from across the globe, while sitting in the comfort of your own home. You’ll learn more about others, but also about yourself. We’ll be going deep!

We’ll explore a Big Question* from Five Fundamental Perspectives ~ that is, from a subjectiveintersubjectiveobjectivecontextual, and planetary perspective. (No worry if these terms don’t mean anything to you, you’ll learn through experiencing them!)

We’ll have deep conversations in pairs, guided by powerful conversational techniques, while also engaging other perspective-taking-practices.

*The Big Questions are the existential life questions humans have pondered since time immemorial, which our worldviews give answers to, implicitly or explicitly.

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