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netwerk van milieuprofessionals

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netwerk van milieuprofessionals

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VVM for students

De VVM is thé network of environmental professionals in the Netherlands. Up-and-coming sustainable talents and old hands in the environmental trade meet each other in our association. Around 1300 members easily get in touch in one of the 20 sections with themes such as biodiversity, water and climate & energy. Students and starters can (also) join section Young. And, within the network you can look for a mentor; handy when you're looking for an internship or your future job. 

In our network Dutch is the principal language, which certainly does not imply that as a non-Dutch speaker you cannot profit from a membership.

What VVM has to offer non-Dutch speaking students:

  • an inspiring sustainable network of arond 1300 members active in the field of environment and/ or sustainability ranging from trainees at municipalities to senior policy advisors, university professors, technical  specialists and independent consultants .
  • extensive searchable database to get in touch with environmental experts in your field of interest
  • mentorsystem: find an experienced VVM-member to discuss your study, internship or career options.
  • free access to our online scientific journal: Journal of integrative environmental sciences
  • free admittance to all our activities, except courses and certain dinners: all activities that are held in English are also announced in English. Every three to five years we host the NCGG International Symposium on Non-CO2 Greenhouse Gases
  • our yearly Rachel Carson Award for best thesis in the field of sustainability/ environmental issues is open to theses in both Dutch and English.
  • favourable membership fee: 40 or 20 euros a year instead of 125 euro for a regular membership. And for a two year period after graduation  you can remain a member for only  65 euros a year (and still have free access to activities).

Student member at a discount

A student membership costs 40 euros a year. Even just 20 euro a year if you are a member of a study association with which we cooperate.

At present we have agreements with Aktief Slip (WUR), Biologica (WUR), FMC (Inholland Delft), Genius Loci (WUR), Hallieu (HvHL), IESA Shift (LU/TU Delft), Morgen, Mundus (RU), Nitocra (WUR), Spectrum (UvA), Storm (UU), SFSA (A'dam), Sylvatica (WUR) and UBV (UU). Are you a member of SustainaGear (HAS)? Then you can even become a member for free.

Moreover,  if you sign in with the ‘actiecode’ we agreed upon with the board of your study association, not only do you profit from a discount, but your association also gets 20 euros from us (with the exception of  SustainaGear: through them all Environmental Science students from the HAS can become members for free).

Become a member

Sign up with our network via www.vvm.info/aanmelden and ask for the actiecode at your study association. Don’t we mention your association? We’d like to get in touch with the board! Mail us: uaerub.[antispam].@vvm.info.



Find out more?

Call or e-mail VVM via 030 232 29 89 or uaerub.[antispam].@vvm.info.