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VMR Bijeenkomst: Het Recht van de Rivier: Kritische Succesfactoren in het Waterbeheer

woensdag 3 oktober 2018

14:00 tot 16:30 uur

Mr. dr. Cathy Suykens is werkzaam als postdoctoraal onderzoeker. Zij focust op het beheer van waterkwantiteit in de internationale rivierbassindistricten in the EU.

Zij presenteert haar onderzoek over:

The Law of the River: Critical Success Factors in Water Management

Summary of the research

The importance of a healthy water sector has been identified as a crucial contributing factor in reaching and maintaining a healthy society, from an environmental, human health and economic point of view. Freshwater resources are under increasing pressure. The 2030 Water Resources Group predicts that there will be a 40% freshwater gap between demand and availability. Climate change is expected to have a substantial impact on the hydrological cycle and freshwater resources and the risk of flooding and droughts in many areas is likely to increase.

This research has looked at the relevant EU requirements for water quantity management in transboundary waters (International River Basin Districts) and the way these have been implemented in a specific river basin in the EU, the Scheldt. A case study of the river basin mechanism governing the Delaware River in the United States has been conducted with the goal of identifying lessons learned for the EU. The theoretical backbone of this research is represented by resilience theory. Resilience theory relates to the ability of a system to recover from and adapt to certain hazardous events in a timely and efficient manner. The case studies of the Scheldt and the Delaware have provided the necessary tools to identify Critical Success Factors (CSFs), which have been applied to the management of transboundary waters in the European Union. Each CSF has resulted in a specific set of recommendations, both geared toward the level of the EU and the International River Basin Districts. An Enhanced Cooperation Model has been proposed as well as the concept “River Basin District Security”, which is derived from the more commonly known “water security”, as a comprehensive assessment tool to be used in (International) River Basin Districts.

Title of the PhD research:

'The Law of the River. The Institutional Challenge for Transboundary River Basin Management and Multi-Level Approaches to Water Quntity Management', 2017.


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