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Green Pharmacy Conference 2017

The environmental cycle of medicines - a motive for innovation in the human and veterinary medicine chain

until October 20, 2017

Worldwide, a cocktail of medicines of human and animal origin is found in (drinking) water, soil, food crops and air. Multi-resistant bacteria are also widely dispersed in the environment. To address the environmental cycle of pharmaceuticals and drug-resistant bacteria a change is necessary in the way we deal with these agents. Medicines, unlike pesticides, can not be easily banned or replaced. Therefore, the healthcare sector itself is looking for solutions to this societal challenge. During this symposium concrete options for action will be described. The University Medical Centre of Utrecht will demonstrate what they are doing in this area.

date: Friday October 27, 2017
time: 09.00 - 17.00

Tentative program

08:30 Welcome with coffee and tea
09:00 Presentation 1: Boomerang effect - Intro: Exposure to environmental pharmaceuticals, Dr. Rik Oldenkamp (Radboud University, Environmental Science)

Presentation 2: Bacterial resistance - Low sub-Minimal Inhibitory concentrations of antibiotics generate new types of resistance, Ass. Prof. Dr. Linus Sandegren (Medical Biochemistry and Microbiology, Uppsala University, Sweden)

Presentation 3: Endocrine effects - Low concentrations of non-hormonal pharmaceuticals can have hormonal effects, Dr. Majorie van Duursen (Utrecht University, IRAS)
Presentation 4: Genetic effects - Low concentrations psychoactive pharmaceuticals can have genetic effects, Dr. Gaurav Kaushik (University of Wisconsin-Madison VS)
12:00 Lunch buffet / stands / posters / networking
13:30 Presentation 5: Green Pharmacy - Intro: Possible measures for the greening of pharmaceuticals, Dr. Maximilian Hempel (Deutsche Bundesstiftung Umwelt, Osnabrück)
Presentation 6: Pharma wastage - Potentials for and benefits of avoiding pharmaceutical wastage, Prof. Toine Egberts (Clinical Pharmacy Utrecht University)
Presentation 7: Green molecules - Benign by design also achievable for pharmaceuticals, Prof. Klaus Kümmerer (Leuphana Universität Lüneburg)
Presentation 8: Biopharmaceutics - An endogenous substance to be used as a pharmaceutical, Prof. Willem Seinen (Utrecht University, IRAS)
Presentation 9: Targeted delivery - Innovations in targeted delivery and personal medicine, Prof. Raymond Schiffelers (Utrecht University)
Presentation 10: Phytotherapy - possibilities for green alternatives, Dr. Edwin van den Worm (Utrecht University)
17:00 Networking drinks


UMC Utrecht - contact: Esther Willems smelliW.A.F.E.[antispam].@umcutrecht.nl


Cooperating Partners

  • Corporate Social Responsibility - Health Care Network (MVO Netwerk Zorg);
  • Dutch Organisation of Environmental Health (Nederlandse Vereniging van Medische Milieukunde, NVMM);
  • Dutch Association of Community Health Services and Offices for Regional Medical Emergency Preparedness and Planning (Gemeentelijke of Gemeenschappelijke Gezondheidsdienst, GGD, en Geneeskundige Hulpverleningsorganisaties, GHOR);
  • Institute for Rational Use of Medicine (Instituut voor Verantwoord Medicijngebruik, IVM);
  • INTERREG-VA-MEDUWA Vecht(e) - Project Consortium;
  • Stichting Triocare;
  • Women Engage for a Common Future, WECF.

UMC Utrecht,
Heidelberglaan 100, 3548 CX Utrecht

language: English
accreditation: to be requested
fee (incl. VAT):

until Aug 31:
early bird

per Sept 1:

regular € 300,- € 350,-
member of VVM € 200,- € 250,-
employee of UMC Utrecht € 200,- € 250,-
discount member of VVM
(retired / welfare)
€ 150,- € 150,-
(not member of VVM)
€ 30,- € 30,-
VVM member that studies
or has recently graduated
€ 15,- € 15,-
organisation:  VVM section Health and Environment

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Signing up & cancelation

Although it is possible to sign up less than a week before the start of the event, if you do so, we can not guarantee that you will receive all the relevant information. If you cancel less than a week before the start, the full participation fee must be paid. Read more in our terms and conditions (.pdf, dutch).

Practical organisation:

Dutch Association for Environmental Professionals (Netwerk van Milieuprofessionals, VVM), contact: Marie Thérèse van Heijningen, 030 232 29 89, negninjiehnav.m.[antispam].@vvm.info

Content coordination:

Huize Aarde, contact: Alfons Uijtewaal, 06 43 28 91 63, tsop.[antispam].@huizeaarde.nl, also member of the VVM section Health and Environment.